Travels In The Interior Districts

by Role Mach

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released March 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Role Mach Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Via Delle Zite
this is the first place that i go
when my true love has gone below
into the city of burning gold
i go searching for a face i know

traveling backwards between two rays of light
radiating from a star as dark as the night was bright
i was a tourist in rags! a stranger without charm!
strangled from sleep, lying naked in its arms

after this wine you can be my guide
me and touba begging senegalese pride
i wanna live! but the thing is to hide
i went down to the canyon to take my bride
and i saw
skin peeling off a tattooed hand!
i heard the primal scream of the watermelon man!
bare-chested children struggle for fame,
the city trembled as they walked down the lane

the gurney man had on a meager disguise
it was no surprise- he had swastikas for eyes!
i saw him sleeping in a burnt out truck as i passed by

late wives trade hearts until dawn
spit in the ocean til the water goes blonde
the crippled don juan had designs for the win
he had a cast going out on a couple of limbs

i saw a dove with the tail of a rat
misfortune said it was a part of the act
i wanted true love! but i got the facts
i went hunting for the moon but my stars were attacked
we heard the shot from outside!

we heard the shot
and we ran to the window
on the shores of via delle zite
listening for a sound...
a blown out vespa
bullwhips in the sweatshop
me and my two friends
my two friends
two good lookin boys
my two good lookin boys
they looked at me in MADNESS and said
"girls man girls man girls"
it cracked me up!
and i pulled on my waistcoat
scattered thumbtacks from the balconey
i looked down at the street
and i held my breath.....
i heard the second shot!!!!!!
Track Name: Othello Tunnels
where is the light behind the moonlight?
go it alone and don't be spared
they buried the path of least resistance there
no one cares

scavengers on the crowsnest highway
beggars beneath the canyon rails
they call it a play but it was just an act
don't look back

hiding between the ridge and midway
what did he say to quintet please
you do what you need but you will be ashamed
you'll be blamed
Track Name: Jalna
sprung from the lee
paid out in tips from the lavender fields
with a leech in the stall

and if the fence is broken
call him in, call him in
in a minute he'll be restless
call him in, call him in

lightning strikes!
jalna speaks!
burn the crops!
exile that ancient magic!

and with the riches wasted
call him in, call him in
one man in one man out
call him in, call him in

queen of the nile
living in sin
sister of mercy to all souls but his

ramayana make it quick and
call him in, call him in
for a moment j-j-j-just
call him in, call him in
Track Name: All Roads Lead Into The Jungle
all roads lead into the jungle in flames
from the dried up oceans and the crystal rains
we will cast our ashes into open veins
and shout that "we will ride again but under different names"
Track Name: Shanklin Down
shanklin down
shanklin down to the seaside town

there is no sign of the show
there's no reason not to go
just eighteen and married to the queen
what a dream!

corpus christi that's the plan
hot jazz turns into sand
they asked directions to the dunes
but spent the evening in a room!

key lime and grenadine
surf rider's favorite scene
prowling the beach at night
past the vanishing point

the summer rushes on
it's over before long
once more but the feeling's gone

venus or rub-on-chic it's the same
gold dust or mucus stain
great vistas overlooked
best wishes from a book

shanklin down
disappear into the crowd

it was the right thing at the time
you go your way
i'll be fine